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Immigration Court Helpdesk

The Immigration Court Helpdesk (ICH) program is a court-based legal education program for non-detained noncitizens in immigration court proceedings. The goal of ICH is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of immigration court proceedings by informing non-detained respondents appearing before the court about court practices and procedures, available legal options, and other relevant topics. Because immigrants in court proceedings are not entitled to legal representation at the government’s expense, ICH prepares unrepresented individuals to understand the immigration court process and navigate a complex legal system on their own. By providing respondents with the knowledge to make informed decisions, ICH helps make immigration proceedings more efficient in courts with significant backlogs around the country.

The Immigration Court Helpdesk is located in the Pro Bono room of the San Antonio Immigration Court Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

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