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Statement on Biden v. Texas from Edna Yang, Co-Executive Director, American Gateways, which provides legal aid to low-income immigrants from offices in San Antonio, Waco and Austin:

In a 5-4 decision today, the Supreme Court has ruled in Biden v Texas that the Biden administration has the authority to end the inhumane “Remain in Mexico” policy (MPP) that prevented people from entering the country while they seek protection. This decision, however, does not automatically end the policy and the case will be sent back to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

“We applaud the decision of the Supreme Court in finding that the Biden Administration can put an end to the harmful and cruel Trump era policy known as Remain in Mexico. This policy denied access to the asylum system for those fleeing harm. It forced them to remain in dangerous conditions where they were targeted, often kidnapped and extorted, and all too often brutally beaten. Over 71,000 people were enrolled in MPP. Many people with few resources stayed in dangerous Mexican border cities, resulting in makeshift tent encampments along stretches of the border, which made them vulnerable to violence.

“This policy has caused untold harm to thousands seeking refuge in the United States. It denied them the ability and their legal right to apply for asylum and have their story heard and was a clear violation of their rights. It is now up to the Biden Administration to act quickly and fulfill its promise to end this harmful policy. This won’t end the fundamental problems that exist with our immigration laws – only comprehensive immigration reform can do that – but it will be a start.”

MORE: Contact Edna Yang, American Gateways, 512-279-0879 or

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