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AMERICAN GATEWAYS: Suspending immigration to the US is based in fear and bigotry

Statement on President Trump’s announcement on Monday to suspend immigration to the US from Rebecca Lightsey, executive director, American Gateways, which provides legal aid to low-income immigrants from offices in San Antonio, Waco and Austin:

President Trump’s announcement on Monday to suspend immigration to the US will not make the US safer or greater. Instead this policy will keep families who have been waiting in the immigration line for years separated and also hurt those businesses that depend on immigrant labor.

“Stopping immigration to the US will not help our economy or make us any safer. This policy is xenophobic and ignorant and is being used to scapegoat immigrants” said Rebecca Lightsey, Executive Director of American Gateways. “Policies to lessen the impacts of the COVID 19 in the US should be based in science and pubic health, and not used to scapegoat an entire group.”

“At American Gateways, we will continue to stand with our immigrant communities and provide advocacy and representation to those in need. When this new policy is released it will have a severe impact on many of the families that we serve. It will also negatively impact our communities as it takes away focus from the real issue – how to stop the COVID 19 pandemic. The US currently leads the world in the number of COVID 19 cases. Suspending immigration won’t change that. This administration should focus on the health and safety of its population and not racist policies that will ultimately harm our nation.

“We hope our elected officials consider whether denying people outright the ability to immigrate the US truly fits with our national values. We find this shameful.”

MORE: Contact Rebecca Lightsey, American Gateways, 512-478-0546 ext. 208 or

American Gateways champions the rights of immigrants, refugees and survivors of persecution, torture, conflict and human trafficking through immigration legal services, at low or no cost, as well as education and advocacy.

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