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Announcing the 2015 Access to Justice Winner

Best Pro Bono Attorney of 2015
Our panel of pro bono attorneys donated 2,770 hours last year and accepted 82 cases for full representation. With that kind of commitment it's difficult to select just one winner. We thank and appreciate every one of our pro bono attorneys who have given their time and talents to help our immigrant community. 

2015 Best Pro Bono Attorney of the Year Is:

  • Maddie Kadas - Beveridge & Diamond
    Since 2013, Maddie has led a coalition of volunteer attorneys that spans several practices in managing one of the largest and most complex asylum cases American Gateways has ever seen. We’d be remiss if we did not acknowledge the efforts of attorneys Danny Berner, Adela Meraz, Chris Weimer, Adam Schramek, Tara Tune, Christa French, and others on this case, but Maddie has been the engine throughout. Even when the Immigration Court system ground to a halt shortly after Gala last year, she would not accept that outcome and has continued to work to find victory for our clients. We may have many more months to go before that happens, but we remain confident as long as the cases is in Maddie’s hands. 

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Best Pro Bono Firm of 2015
Each of the nominated firms fostered and encouraged their attorneys to contribute to the community through pro bono work. Because of their civic commitment, more clients are gaining access to our justice system. Selecting just one winner gets more difficult every year!

 2015 Best Pro Bono Firm of the Year Is:

  • Legal Department at Dell Computers
    Although Dell has been a long-time partner of American Gateways, over the past year they have tripled their level of participation.  In addition to the always fantastic work of Chris Stidvent (former Pro Bono of the Year), we can now also count on new volunteers such as Nathaniel Chapin, Marc Vockell, and Lauren Hoffer,  to assist individual clients and to help get the word out about the great work that we do.  

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Applying for Services

You do not need an appointment. Just visit our offices Monday thru Thursday between 9 am - 5 pm. Here's what will happen:

  • A member of our staff will talk with you about your immigration status. We will listen to your story, ask questions about your immigration situation, and your income. It is best if you have a babysitter for your children. We know that sometimes your story is very painful to tell, and having your children with you can make it more difficult. 
  • We gather all the interviews we've done that week, and our attorneys and accredited representatives review every application each Friday. We wish we could take every case, but unfortunately we can'ts. It's not necessarily because you don't have a good case, it's because we don't have enough staff to take all of the cases that come to us. 
  • You will be notified by mail if we are not able to take your case. You should get the letter by the following Friday.
  • If we are able to take your case, your attorney or accredited representative will contact you.
  • If you need housing, medical care, or counseling - please let our staff know when you visit our office. We will provide you with a list of providers.